Time Away: The Musical That Happened Anyway


This is the Original Cast Recording for Time Away, a musical written by Richard Harmetz. I wrote 13 of the 15 songs. Some of them were based on recordings from 10-15 years ago (Hindsight, Fooled), others are songs that were both musically and/or lyrically re-invented (Me, The Steady Eddie, Bliss).

Several were written specifically for the show (What Could Happen To The Human Race?, Dim All The Lights Down, Long, Dark Hallway) and all of the songs feature energetic contributions from each and all of the cast members, who really brought life to the characters with hard work and boundless enthusiasm.

My good friend Wolfgang Graeskamp provided the wonderful arrangements for Bliss and much of No One’s Gonna Say. Bill Ray played the drums and John Foltz played the amazing piano parts. Wayne Preis & David Ybarra play guitar and bass respectively on “Fooled” and Peter Bolland and Michael Tiernan performed acoustic guitars on “Trickle Down”. “Hindisght” features the talents of Ed Croft (electric piano), Ken Dow (Bass), Kevin Dow (drums) and Wayne Preis on additional bass guitar. Geoffrey Wright sings the opening cut , circa 1940.

It was an honor and a privilege to create this music with my friends. I share it with you, to honor them as well. I hope you feel the fun we had.

Sven-Erik Seaholm